P.D. Cheques/Cash

Title- PDC All Process Tutorial "Marg Software" [Hindi]
Description- These cheques refer to the cheques that have been written by the drawer for a future date. Therefore, amount would be released by you at a future date. The process followed to record a PD cheque is same as recording a cheque at a normal date but date mentioned in this case is the date on which payment can be released by you. Its report could be viewed in bank pay-in-slip/clearance menu. Entry of these cheques is made through this option, however these are adjusted to the balance amount once it has been posted through pay-in slip option
Keyword- PDC All Process Tutorial "Marg Software"
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Title- PDC All Process [Hindi]
Description- By watching this video you can learn the complete process of Post Dated Cheque .
Keyword- PDC All Process in "Marg ERP",,
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