Audit Trail

Title- Audit Trail in Marg ERP [Hindi]
Description- As per the latest Government notification issued on 24th March 2021: For the financial year commencing on or after 1st April 2021, every company which uses accounting software for maintaining its books of account needs to have a feature of ‘Audit Trail’ which can record each and every financial transaction done in the accounting software. Also, they must be able to create logs of each change made in the books of accounts, along with the date and user details and to ensure that the audit trail cannot be disabled. For further detailed information kindly watch the video, subscribe to Marg Tutorial YouTube channel and press the bell icon to stay updated with our latest videos or you can also contact us. Book Demo: +91 9999 999 364 Help line: +91-11-30969600, +91-11-66969600 Online Help Solution: YouTube: Website:
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