Bulk Issue

Title- Return All Your Dump & Breakage/Expiry on single click to respective suppliers by BULK ISSUE (Hindi)
Description- Generally, there are some items which have not been sold and are kept as dump stock while some are breakage/expired items which are to be returned to suppliers on time for receiving the settlement. And for doing this settlement, the user has to create breakage/expiry return entries by selecting each supplier again and again. So in order to ease this whole process; Marg ERP has provided a provision of Bulk Issue through which the software automatically brings the information of those suppliers to whom the breakage/expiry or purchase return is to be done i.e. the software will display that how many items needs to be returned and to which supplier. Bulk Issue Option of Marg ERP Software enables the user to analyze the list of suppliers of multiple companies and also helps to easily generate the purchase return or breakage expiry into bill or challan.
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