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Title- Ecod Secure - Digital Salesman
Description- #DigitalSales #EcodSecure #ERPIntegration #DigitalBusiness Digital Salesman Substitute items Along with increasing awareness in the market, we have created a digital salesman to increase your sales manifold, in which you can promote your products against your market's high-selling products and increase your sales multiple times by giving extra cashback to chemists and consumers. This step will not only give growth to the industry but also create strong coordination between the chemist, distributor, and manufacturer, which will change the way the entire industry works. Marg ERP - 30 years of TRUST • 1 Lakh+ Distributors/Stockists • 3 Lakh+ Chemists • 2 Crore Monthly Impression • 15 Lakh Monthly Click Disclaimer: All these facilities are available only when your distributor or retailer accepts your requests and accedes your requests. Marg does not have any data of any customer, nor do we share any customer's data with anyone. Contact Detail:- Mamta Shah 9004160300
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Title- Automate Report Sharing Process with ECOD MR Panel (For Distributors)
Description- Celebrating Success and Innovation! Kudos to our extraordinary team for the stellar start! With 35,000 MRs diving into online stock & sales, we're making strides towards success. But that's just the beginning! Our aim? Empowering 1,25,000 MRs and benefiting 80,000 distributors through ECOD MR Services! Your dedication sets the stage for greatness. Team, your unwavering commitment will lead us to accomplish the extraordinary. Keep pushing forward! #TeamSuccess #AchieveGreatness Marg Erp Introduced the ECOD Secure MR Panel — a game-changer for distributors and MRs! Now, each MR receives a dedicated account, simplifying access to vital stock and sales statements via Marg ERP. Save time, ease burdens! Our innovative solution empowers MRs to focus on business growth. At ECOD Secure for Companies, we're revolutionizing distribution with real-time data on stock, sales, expiries, sales statements, and more! Say goodbye to inefficiencies! Join us on this journey of transformation. • Stock & Sales Report • Transactions Report • Pin code-wise Summary Report • Party-wise Summary Report • Purchase & Return • Purchase Order #EcodSecure #Innovation #DistributionSolution #BusinessGrowth
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Title- Ecod Secure - Advertisement on Marg ERP, most visible screen in India [Hindi]
Description- #EcodSecure #MargERP #OnlineOrder #ERPIntegration #ERPSoftware Are you in the pharmaceutical industry? Do you want to get your brand noticed by distributors and chemist shops? Look no further than Marg Erp! According to a recent survey of 50,000 pharma distributors and chemist shops, Marg Erp's advertisements were displayed an impressive 25 crore times on their screens. That's more than what you'll see on Facebook! Don't miss out on the opportunity to get your brand in front of potential customers. Check out the video link to see for yourself why Marg Erp is the go-to platform for pharmaceutical companies. With Marg Erp, you'll have a powerful marketing tool that reaches the right audience and helps grow your business. Contact Detail:- Why advertise on Marg ERP? Marg ERP is a popular software used by Pharmaceutical Distributors and Chemist Shop. Advertising on Marg ERP can be beneficial for businesses looking to reach this audience and promote their products or services. Here are some reasons why: Reach a targeted audience: Most people who use Marg ERP in India are distributors and chemists, so your advertising can reach a specific audience. This targeted approach can increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. Increase brand awareness: Advertising on Marg ERP can help increase your brand's visibility and awareness. This can be particularly useful for businesses looking to establish themselves in this market. Cost-effective advertising: Advertising on Marg ERP can be a cost-effective option compared to other advertising channels. You can reach a targeted audience at a relatively low cost, making it an attractive option for businesses with a limited advertising budget. Opportunity for lead generation: Marg ERP users may be interested in products or services related to their business needs. Advertising on the platform can create opportunities for lead generation and potential sales. Overall, advertising on Marg ERP can help businesses reach a targeted audience, increase brand awareness, and generate leads at a cost-effective price point.
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