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Title- How to Redeem 25000? Gift Vouchers (Hindi)
Description- Marg ERP is providing users with unique opportunity to computerize their business & grab the best deals from top retailers to continue saving more. The customers will get assured gift vouchers worth Rs. 25,000 of multiple brands like Myntra, Croma, Ease my trip, VLCC, Kalyan Jewellers, Barbeque Nation and much more. These gift vouchers can be availed in three cases i.e.: • Purchase of Marg ERP Software • Online AMC Renewal & • Activation of eBusiness Apps (Coming Soon) This video highlights only 2 processes i.e. How to Redeem 25K Gift Vouchers on Marg Software Purchase & Online AMC Renewal.
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Title- Marg ERP Offers 25,000 Rs Gift Vouchers (Hindi)
Description- Buy Marg ERP India’s No. 1 Inventory & Accounting Software and Get assured Gift Vouchers worth Rs. 25,000. The customers will be benefited by receiving a bunch of gift vouchers worth Rs. 25,000 like Flipkart, Myntra, Croma, VLCC & other brands on Purchasing Marg ERP software, Activating eBusiness apps or on timely renewal of AMC. So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss the chance to avail this opportunity. Easily Manage your business & get amazing guaranteed benefits!
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Title- Marg Digital Help (Hindi)
Description- Marg ERP has always been a front runner in creating ease of doing business for its customer, and regularly come up with new features for business growth. The rapid spread of the Coronavirus; COVID-19 in the past few months has changed our world dramatically. So, keeping this into consideration; Marg ERP has digitally helped their customers in different ways and has also trained them to become an expert in Marg ERP Software. Through this video, the users will get to know different types of digital platforms which Marg ERP has designed, and that will help them to solve all their queries by themselves without physical contact with anyone. The different Digital Platforms are: ? Ask Me ? Ticket System ? Remote Support ? Care Portal ? Webinar ? eBusiness Apps Stay Safe, Follow Social Distancing
Keyword- Marg Digital Help (Hindi),margerp,Marg Digital Help,Digital Support with Marg,Digital Help,
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