Item Free on Bill Value

Title- Item free on Bill Value [Hindi]
Description- With our new option item free on bill value you can set an item free, above a defined particular bill value. Suppose if you want that whenever the bill value reaches above 1000/-, so two quantities of Blong tablet should automatically load in the sale bill as free. And above 2000 bill value 1 qty of, Ancedrum product is offered free. So in this option ‘item free on bill value’, you will define 1000 and select two qty of Blong tablet item. And in the other field define 2000 and select one Acnederm item. There are total eight fields where you can set items free, on multiple bill values. After that whenever you will save your bill, whose bill value will be above 1000, so the item blong tablet will automatically load in the bill as free and will be indicated in red color. So this is another beneficial option in Marg which will help you in your working in a better way.
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