Title- Purchase Return Breakage Expiry & Replacement Receive [ Hindi]
Description- This feature facilitates in tracing all the goods/stock returned by the customer to an organisation and which cannot be further used. Organisation return goods/stocks for a variety of reason, for instance, if they return it on account of excess inventory being issued to it, then the goods/stock returned could be used at a later date by the suppliers, whereas, if the goods/stock returned by the organisation to its suppliers on account of goods/stock supplied to them are either destroyed or defective, then these issues could not be used by the suppliers for further use. These are the entries which are posted under PURCHASE RETURN (BRE./EXP.).
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Title- How to create Brk/Expiry Issue [Hindi]
Description- Breakage Expiry issue is the stock which has been damaged/expired or is not used. Brk/Exp Issue is basically a document type generated for the settlement of expired or damaged products which is issued to the supplier against the goods purchased by them. In other words, Breakage Expiry Issue entry is generated when the user returns the goods/products to the supplier because they are damaged or expired products.
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