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Title- Backup of Financial Year [Hindi]
Description- In order to take the Backup in Marg ERP Software, there are 3 different ways i.e. · Backup of Financial Year · IMP Backup ( & · Server Backup ( In Backup of Financial Year, the user can take the backup of only one financial year at single point of time by selecting that particular company whose financial year backup is required. For further detailed information kindly watch the video, subscribe to Marg Tutorial YouTube channel and press the bell icon to stay updated with our latest videos or you can also contact us. Help line: +91 11 30969600 Marg Help: Book Demo: +91 9999 999 364 Visit:
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Title- Restore Financial Year Backup [Hindi]
Description- In Marg ERP Software, the need to restore the financial year backup arises to recover the data when it gets corrupt. The user can also restore the financial year backup to compare or analyse the data from the old backup.
Keyword- Restore Financial Year Backup of Marg ERP,Restore Financial Year Backup,how to restore financial year backup,
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Title- How to Restore Self [IMP] Backup [Hindi]
Description- Security of data is as important as its accuracy while using accounting software. It is necessary to ensure that the data remains secure for smooth working of organization. The need to Restore Backup arises when the data gets corrupted. In such a case, if there is a backup of data, then it can be restored from the backup and the work can be continued without any hindrance.
Keyword- How to Restore Self [IMP] Backup,Restore IMP Backup,self backup,restore imp backup,
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Title- Restore Server Backup Tutorial "Marg Software" [Hindi]
Description- here you can see how you can Restore Server Backup
Keyword- Restore Server Backup Tutorial "Marg Software"
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Title- Server (Auto) Backup [Hindi]
Description- Server Backup allows taking Automatic Backup of all companies’ time wise i.e. the user can take the backup of all the Companies all together at once from Server Backup. Server Backup stores the Software backup on 7 Different locations like on external drives (Pen drives, Hard disk, etc.) & on Cloud (FTP, Website, Server, etc.) which reduces the chances of Data loss as the data can be easily recovered.
Keyword- Server Backup,backup,Automatic backup in marg,Auto Backup Marg,
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Title- How to Implement Server Backup [Hindi]
Description- by watching this video you will learn about this Server Backup option in detailed
Keyword- How to Implement Server Backup "Marg ERP"
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Title- Self [IMP] Backup [Hindi]
Description- IMP Backup option enables the user to take the backup of Multiple Companies and Multiple Financial Years at a time along with restoring the backup of Multiple Companies.
Keyword- Self [IMP] Backup,self backup,IMP Backup,How to take self backup,How to Take Self Backup of Marg ERP,
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