Title- How to Work in Previous Financial Year [Hindi]
Description- In Marg ERP Software, the user can easily switch to the previous financial year while working in new financial year for creating any transactions related to sale and purchase or to view any report as per their requirement.
Keyword- How to Work in Old Financial Year, How to work in Previous Financial Year,
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Title- New Financial Year Creation 2020-2021 [Hindi]
Description- New Financial Year (2020-2021) is created so that the user can easily start generating the entries from 1st April 2020 in the Software. To create a New Financial Year in Marg ERP Software, the user needs to firstly take the Backup of the previous financial year by clicking on this below video link: Backup of Financial Year [Hindi]:
Keyword- Financial Year Creation Marg,financial year,financial year 2020,current financial year,end of financial year,new financial year,Carry Balance,
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