Stock Analysis

Title- Advance Stock Analysis for Order Planning, Near Expiry, Dump, Slow & Fast Moving (Hindi)
Description- Sometimes; a distributor is not able to do proper planning of the stock due to unawareness about which all items are kept for how many days, for which items the order has been placed, how much sales is happening etc. Also, the distributor places an order for those items that are already been kept in the stock. So in order to ease the whole process; Marg ERP has provided a very beneficial provision of ‘Stock Analysis’ through which the distributor can do Stock Order Planning and can analyze that for which all items the order should be placed. The distributor can also do the planning of the stock on the basis of days. The benefit of Stock Analysis option is that the Salesman cannot generate the order by forcing the distributor to place order for items which are not required.
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